Amazon Great India sale: Get three month of Prime membership just for Rs 329

Amazon India is hosting the Great Indian Sale on its platform between January 19 and January 22. During the course of its ongoing sale, the company is offering up to 40% discount on the purchase of smartphones, up to 45% off on Amazon devices and up to 60% off on the purchase of smart TVs and other electronic devices. In addition to this, the e-retailer is also offering a discount on its Amazon Prime membership.

As of now, Amazon India offers two plans to the users who want to subscribe to its Prime membership. First is the yearly Rs 999 plan, which gets renewed every year. Second is the monthly plan, which costs Rs 129 and gets renewed automatically after a month. There is no plan in between, one that would allow users to subscribe to Prime membership for a time period more than a month but less than a year.

The only way using which users avail to the benefits offered by Prime membership for a span of, say three months, is by opting for the monthly plan. This would cost users a total of Rs 387 for three months. Now, Amazon India is offering three months of Prime membership at a discounted price.

During the course of the Great Indian Sale, users can get three months of Prime membership for Rs 329.

The company, on its website, doesn’t mention if it’s a one time offer or if it would continue to offer three months of Prime membership at a discounted price once the sale ends. But for now, users can subscribe to the three-month subscription plan and then decide for themselves if they want to subscribe to the yearly plan or not.

Source:- hindustantimes