American Express Credit Card User? Use 5X Reward Multiplier On Amazon, Apple India Online Store And More

If you have an American Express credit card in India, you may be able to take full advantage of the 5X Reward Multiplier offer to get up to 5X membership rewards on your online and offline shopping. This is particularly relevant for any smartphone or gadget purchases lined up on shopping platforms such as the Apple India Online Store,, Flipkart, Croma, Lenovo online store as well as the OnePlus India online store, to name a few. This can be a great time to earn more rewards points on your credit card for purchases you anyway may have been eyeing, and redeem the points later for more benefits such as shopping vouchers, travel benefits etc.

The way the American Express Reward Multiplier offer for up to 5X membership rewards works is that you head to the Reward Program page and select the website you wish to make the purchase from. All the websites and stores that are part of the offer are listed across genres such as Electronics, Marketplace, Fashion, Beauty & Wellness and Others. Once you select “Shop Now” for the website you want to use for the shopping, you’ll need to fill out your American Express credit card details. Once authenticated, you’ll reach the shopping website directly to be eligible for the up to 5X membership rewards. The condition here is that the cart on the website should be empty at that time, and after following this login process, do you need to start adding items to the cart. Once done, you’ll need to check-out in the same browsing session and use the same American Express card that you had used to validate the eligibility for the offer earlier.

Among the current American Express credit card variants, you’ll be eligible for 5X Reward Multiplier membership rewards with the American Express Platinum Card or 3X membership rewards with the American Express Platinum Reserve credit card and the American Express Platinum Travel credit card. If you are shopping with an American Express Membership Rewards credit card, an American Express SmartEarn credit card or an American Express Gold card, you’ll be eligible for 2X membership rewards under the Reward Multiplier offer. How many rewards points you earn will also depend on the base points collection condition for your credit card. For instance, for the American Express platinum Travel credit card, users earn 1 membership reward point for every Rs 40 spent on the card while the American Express Membership Rewards credit card earn on reward point for every Rs 50 spent using the card.

And it is not just gadgets and tech purchases, but the American Express Reward Multiplier offer is also available on various shopping websites and online stores including Myntra, AJIO, Tata Cliq, Amazon Pantry, Limeroad, Norton online store, Onsitego, Nike, Asics, Chumbak, Lifestyle, Marks & Spencer, Nicobar, Vero Moda,, The Man Company, The Body Shop,, Hamleys and Pizza Hut, to name a few. Mind you, some of these offers are ongoing while some will be available for a limited period of time.