Android users may soon be able to share Wi-Fi passwords via Share Nearby feature

Google is working on a simpler way to share Wi-Fi passwords. According to a report by GizChina, it will be possible to share Wi-Fi passwords over the Share Nearby function.

The new feature will come in addition to the existing Wi-Fi sharing feature via QR code. Android users can currently share Wi-Fi passwords in the form of QR codes.

The system works on Wi-Fi Alliance’s Wi-Fi Easy Connect standard and allows one to create a QR code that can later be scanned by any iPhone or Android camera app. It was introduced with the Android 10 mobile operating system

“A new submission from Google engineer Abel Tesfaye to AOSP aims to adjust the “Share Wi-Fi” page to provide a nearby sharing button. If you click the button, the default nearby sharing component will be active,” writes GizChina in its report. For the unknowns, AOSP stands for Android Open Source Project.

The submission has not been merged yet, says the report. Therefore, it may be too soon to say that the feature will come with Android 12.

Share Nearby feature can work over a certain range and does not require two devices to be in close proximity to each other. Once the ability to share passwords via Share Nearby function is introduced, it will allow Android users to share passwords with each other even when they are separate rooms.

Another feature that is reported to come with the Android 12 operating system is the App Pairs. As reported by 9to5Google, Google is working on a new version of split-screen which will enable users to pair two apps from the recently opened section. Once paired, one can switch between these two apps with an easy swap.