Be Prepared To Go To Jail Or Pay Fine Of Rs 1000, If Caught Riding Bike On Footpath

There are very few cities in India which have footpaths for pedestrians to walk without fear of getting hit by a two-wheeler or a car. But when it comes to Bangalore, the bike riders always seem to be in a hurry and use footpaths like they use the road. Footpath riding has become such a menace but even citizens are now confronting those who drive on the pedestrian path.

After running multiple campaigns to create awareness and initiating actions like cancelling licenses of those who are caught driving on footpaths (in 2012, which was taken back after it failed to curb the menace), the Bangalore traffic police has started a drive and intends to book 500 violators by the end of this week.

250 bike riders have already been booked for driving on footpaths in this drive conducted by Bangalore traffic police, reported Bangalore Mirror. The violators, who often drive on pavements to avoid traffic jams especially during rush hours (office time), are being caught and booked under section 297 of Indian Penal Code which demands punishment of up to six months.

“We launched this drive three to four days back and strict instructions have been given to book these violators under section 297 of the IPC. We are taking this very seriously as our prime duty is to ensure road safety. So far at least 250 violators have been booked,” said Additional Commissioner (Traffic) P Harishekaran.

Traffic police have also been instructed to book the offenders under section 184 of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 for endangering public lives and for the first offence it calls for imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months or with a fine up to one thousand rupees.

Most of the riders were caught near traffic signals – few were booked and many were let off after they paid the fine of Rs 1000.

Citizens taking matters into their hands

The bike riders using pedestrian roads to avoid traffic has become a menace for not just for police but for common people too. Ankit Chowdhary, a techie living in Bangalore, was assaulted for taking a photograph of a person driving on the pedestrian road.

In March, a video of a lady, Anju Thomas, had gone viral, which showed her standing stubbornly on the footpath and teaching traffic rules to violators.


Source:- thelogicalindian