Big change in the rules of ration card, from now on who can take ration in your place?

There is important news for ration card holders. Many types of facilities are given by the central government to those who have ration cards. At present, the Delhi government has made a big change in the rules of Ration Card. After the change in the rules, you can take ration without going to the shop. Let us tell you that the Delhi government has announced that those who take the facility of free ration and are unable to get ration by going to the shop, then now they will get ration sitting at home.

Let us tell you that after the changes made in the rules, if you are not able to go to get ration, then you can get ration by sending someone else to the ration shop in your place.

What happened to the change in the rules?

The Delhi government has said that those who are not able to go to get ration due to medical reasons or due to any other problem, they can nominate or send another person for this work on their basis. .

Let us tell you that to take ration at this time, the cardholder has to give fingerprint on the biometric, due to which no one else can take your ration, but according to the new rule issued by the government, you can take any other place at your place. You can also get ration by sending a person.

Which people will get benefit?

Let us tell you that the benefit of this rule will be given to those people who are above 65 years of age or consumers who are less than 16 years of age can also take advantage of it because they do not have fingerprint. Apart from this, disabled members will also get the benefit of this.

How can someone take ration on your bihaf?

>> For this the ration card holder will have to fill a nomination form.
>> This form has to be submitted along with Ration Card, Aadhar Card.
>> Documents of the nominee will also have to be submitted along with this form.
>> After this the person who has been made a nominee can go to your place and go to the shop and buy the goods.