Does your Airtel Outgoing or Incoming Expired? Check Here Why ?

Airtel Outgoing Expired or Airtel Incoming Expired – Hello guys, I hope every one is doing great. Recently, many users has got SMS from airtel that there sim validity is going to expire and they will not be able to make outgoing calls or receive incoming calls after a specific dates. In this article, we are going to talk about this and why you are receiving this message and who to extend your validity.

In the past 2 years, lot of things has got changed since the arrival of Reliance Jio. The plans for which we are paying lot of money are now available at a very low price and all this credit goes to Reliance Jio i.e. due to their free internet, free-calling & free SMS services. After 2 years, things are going to change again as telecom companies are now changing the rules for their customers.

Yes, you read it right. Customers will need to follow airtel’s new rules that they have launched else customer may face interruption in their services. Now, we are going to share the rules that results in airtel outgoing calls expired or airtel incoming calls expired.

Reason Behind Airtel Outgoing Expired or Airtel Incoming Expired :-

In simple words, your sim’s validity will not be lifetime anymore. According to airtel executives, Airtel has changed their old working and stopped the OLD plans i.e. prepaid plans and launched new plans. Now, the validity of your sim will not be lifetime. After hearing this, you may have this questions in mind that Does It results in airtel outgoing expired or airtel incoming expired?

Well, the answer is Yes. Airtel is now forcing their customers to take subscription to use their services. There are some customers who just recharged their mobile phones for Rs 10 or Rs 20 and use it for months as they don’t have too much work on calling etc. and airtel wants to these customers to spend some money so that they can generate more revenue. Airtel wants all their customer to subscribe to their latest prepaid plans else airtel is going to interrupt their services i.e. customer will  face airtel outgoing expired or airtel incoming expired problems.

In this situations, airtel customers can’t take much actions as they need to subscribe to the latest prepaid plans in order to use airtel services. So now, we are going to share the plan that you can activate in order to prevent yourself from facing these issues.

How To Resolve Airtel Incoming or Outgoing Expired Issues ?

To resolve this issue, users needs to activate a validity recharge plan on their mobile number i.e. Airtel Rs 35 Validity Recharge Plan. Here are the details of this plan…….Read more>>

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