Driving License To Be Cancelled For 3rd Time Offender Of Traffic Rules In This City

Anyone who is found to drive on the wrong side of the road for the third consecutive time will have their license suspended in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Bihar.

Reckless driving is not new to the drivers in India and the police of the city have announced this rule in an attempt to curb such dangerous driving activities.

The Ghaziabad Traffic Police have announced that driving on the opposite side of the road will not only be given a challan but will also have their license suspended.

In the last two months, more than 5 thousand challans have been awarded to people who were found to be driving on the wrong side of the road. As per reports, the Ghaziabad police have already discussed the matter with the RTO and this rule has now been implemented in the district.

There is a possibility that other states might follow suit as rewarding challans is not enough for the rule breakers. Driving dangerously on breaking any traffic rules it’s not going to cost people a lot.

There is a possibility that the law breakers might be punished severely than a license suspension – they may be put behind bars for breaking traffic rules.

Here are the major updates to the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, which every vehicle in India should be aware of::

As per the new Motor Vehicles Act (Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019), aggregators or repeat offenders of traffic rules will now need to shell out Rs 25,000 to Rs 1 lakh penalty, depending on the number of times they have broken the law. In the existing rules of Motor Act, there is no such provision for this offense.

If your minor son/daughter is caught driving, then you will need to shell out Rs 25,000 fine and also serve 3 years in jail for this offense. In the existing Motor Vehicles Act, there is no such penalty for this offense. This is a major add-on in the bill, and can impact lots of parents. Note here, that 16-18 year olds can get a license for 100CC or lesser bikes as of now.

If you are caught while speaking on the phone while driving, then you need to shell out Rs 5000 as a penalty. This was Rs 1000 earlier, and this means that the penalty has been increased by 5-times. There is no mention of texting while driving, and it seems that it would be the call of the traffic cop who catches you.


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