Facebook has a new app that will collect your data and pay you for it

NEW DELHI: Social networking giant Facebook has again started the program in which they use their phone via a new app called Study. This app will keep track of the apps installed on a user’s smartphone and the time they spent on using these apps, their country and all the additional app data.

Facebook, however, says that apart from this it will not see any specific content such as passwords, messages or the websites the user visits. The company also adds that the data collected from this will not be sold to any third party apps and will also not be used to target ads.

Facebook adds that participants who have been invited to the Facebook Study program install the Study app, give them permission and then use their phone as normal. All the registered users are then rewarded for taking part in the program. The participants are also allowed to leave the program at any time by uninstalling the Study app and notifying the vendor that they want to end the partnership.

In an official post the company said, “When analyzing data from the Study app, we reference other information Facebook has about a participant, such as their age, gender and how they use Facebook Company Products. This allows us to learn more about how participants use different services. We don’t add data from this app to a participant’s accounts on other Facebook Company Products.”

The Study app is available for users above the age of 18 years. Facebook will also be running an ad campaign around it in India and US.

Source:- gadgetsnow