Facebook warning urges users to change their password IMMEDIATELY in fake BFF post

The post claims CEO Mark Zuckerberg “invented the word BFF” (an acronym for Best Friend Forever) to test the safety of Facebook accounts.

It then asks users to comment “BFF” on the post and if it appears in green then their account is safe.

If not, it advises them to change their password immediately because they “may be hacked”.

These posts have appeared in different formats and different languages across Facebook with thousands of unsuspecting users sharing the warning.

One version of the post was shared more than 76,000 times and received almost 87,000 comments, according to Buzzfeed.

The hoax often includes a photo of Mark Zuckerberg himself

It appears some “BFF” comments do appear on the post in green, while others remain in default black text.

However – despite fears in recent weeks of Facebook user data breaches – the latest hoax has nothing to do with your account safety and Zuckerberg did not create the phrase “BFF”.

Facebook introduced a new feature named Text Delight along with a number of newsfeed changes last year.

The new facet changes the colour of text “sometimes” when certain phrases are used in a comment.

Such phrases as “Congratulations”, “Best Wishes” and “xoyo” all bring up their own animations.

“BFF” was added to the list in January.

Source by express..