Fastag latest news: Big Alert! Fastag is old penalty may be imposed on toll plaza, know road transport new rule

Fastag News: The validity of Fastag has been decided by the ministry of road transport. Its validity is only five years. After the specified time, FASTag will be de-activated automatically. That is, taking a vehicle with an old FASTag on the toll plaza can attract a penalty.

Therefore, before the completion of the fixed time for FASTag by the Ministry of Road Transport, you should change the FASTag. For this, you will have to go to the concerned bank and take a new FASTag and transfer the money lying in the old FASTag to the new one. FASTag was started by the Ministry of Road Transport from the year 2016 in November.

New Delhi. The FASTag installed in your vehicle is not getting old, if it is getting old, then you should change it in time. Because if you go to a toll plaza with an old FASTag fitted vehicle, then you may have to pay penalty instead of getting the facility there. Therefore, if you are planning to roam somewhere outside the vehicle, then definitely check the validity of FASTag.

The Ministry of Road Transport has fixed a validity of FASTag. After completing this validity, FASTag will not be valid at toll plazas. Rather, your vehicle will be considered without FASTag and you may have to pay double the toll. Along with this, your time can also be wasted in the toll plaza.

Fastag is valid for five years

According to the National Highway Authority of India, the FASTag validity has been kept for five years. FASTag was started by the Ministry of Road Transport from the year 2016 in November. FASTag was made mandatory in new vehicles from November. That is, from November 2016 on every vehicle sold from the showroom, FASTag is being installed by the company. The first transaction with FASTag was started from the first week of December. That is, if you have bought a vehicle in November 2016, then after two days the FASTag installed in your vehicle will be five years old and you will have to change it in time.

What should the vehicle owner do now?

Under normal circumstances, the five-year-old FASTag installed in the vehicle can be removed and taken a new one. But if your FASTag is linked to a bank account or there is money in FASTag, then you have to go to the concerned bank. There you have to take another fastag. Along with this, the money left in the old FASTag will have to be transferred to the new FASTag and the old FASTag will have to be destroyed, so that it cannot be used in any way.

So the deadline

According to NHAI, FASTag has a very small chip, which normally does not deteriorate. Despite this, many times there may be a problem in the older chip in technical form. Therefore, its validity has been made up to five years.