Google India announces new features for its Read Along app

Google India launched its Bolo app in India last year in a bid to help kids in rural areas with reading and comprehension skills. Then, earlier this year, the company rebranded its Bolo app as the Read Along app and launched it in over 180 countries across the globe. Now, the company has introduced a bunch of new features in the app that are aimed at improving the reading experience of the kids.

Firstly, the company is refreshing the content available in the content library of the Read Along app by introducing over 700 unique books across all languages. The company is also changing the look and feel of the content library. In addition to that, the company is also making it easier for multilingual kids to switch languages or get phonics support when they tap a word

Apart from these features, Google India said that it is working on features that will help the process of comprehension and give educators the ability to create student reading groups and track progress. Google India also announced that it was making the Read Along app more accessible in the landscape mode.

Apart from announcing its new features, Google India said that it will be publishing few stories on open-source platforms such as Global Digital Library and Pratham Storyweaver.

“Through our partnership with the Uttar Pradesh Basic Education Department on Mission Prerna and NGOs like CSF, KEF, Pratham, Saajha and more, we have been able to reach students who need support. As India embarks upon the NEP 2020 led FLN mission, we are committed to working with individuals, schools, corporate partners, NGOs and governments to help every child achieve their full potential,” the company wrote in a blog post.