Here’s How You Can Set up and Use Google Duo on the Web

In times of remote working and video conferencing, it is important to have a platform that is accessible on both web as well as mobile. Google Duo is one of Google’s own software for audio and video calling that can be used on your phone and your laptop.

Duo is fairly easy to use and supports group video calling with up to four participants.

How to Setup Google Duo on Your PC

The setup is really easy and doesn’t involve a lot of hard work. Make sure you have your phone handy which has your Google account signed in and has the phone number that you already use for Duo.

  1. Open your web browser and type the address
  2. Sign in to your Google account
  3. Enter the phone number associated with your Duo account. Google will send you a verification code
  4. Enter the verification code on the screen
  5. The website will ask you for permission to use the microphone and the camera. Grant these permissions

You should now be logged in and ready to make your first call from the web. All your contacts will be loaded.

The website will also prompt you to give permission to send you notifications of incoming calls.

How to Make Calls Using Google Duo on the Web

Once your account is set up, all your contacts will be loaded from Google, from your phone and Gmail account.

Choose a contact and click on the name or number you want to place a video or a voice call to.


Source:- yahoo