ICICI Bank Customers Can Now Manage Any Bank’s Credit Card Instantly with this App

ICICI Bank announced on Monday that it has enabled a function that allows customers to pay and manage the dues of their credit cards for any bank using their ‘iMobile Pay’. The advantage of this app is that it is so universal in terms of its platform. It allows customers to add the credit cards of any bank to the app in just a few seconds, according to the press release. It was also touted that the customer can then pay and manage the dues towards the credit card from the same app. Essentially, a one-stop shop. As per the Bank’s statement on the update, the new facility offers improved convenience to the customer, especially those who have more than one credit card to their name. It also promises safety and security.

ICICI Bank spoke to the app’s convenience, saying that the new feature eliminates the hassle of visiting numerous websites for each and every bank to pay or manage the dues of the credit card. As an added advantage, the customers can set reminders on the app, as well as view their payment history for all their cards on an individual basis share the payment confirmation through WhatsApp and even manage or change the due dates as per the billing cycle of the respective cards. The entire point of the initiative is to try and streamline the process while also easing the burden on existing channels.

Speaking on the initiative, Bijith Bhaskar, the Head of Digital Channels and Partnership said, “ICICI Bank always strives to introduce solutions to improve the convenience of customers and enhance their banking experience. This new feature on the Bank’s state-of-the-art mobile banking app is a testimony of this endeavour. With a large section of customers using multiple cards for their various needs, this new solution aims to help them decongest the process of their credit card bill payments. It offers them the convenience of a one-stop payment solution for all their credit cards on one platform, and saves them the hassle of juggling between multiple portals for payments.”

The iMobile Pay is essentially a banking app that provides around 350 services. The app was rebranded and changed from iMobile to iMobile Pay in December of 2020, with the intention of doing exactly what it has set out to do now. ICICI Bank claims this to be a ‘first-in-the-industry’ initiative that has brought in a new level of digital enablement to its customers. The app offers customers a whole range of ICICI Bank services including savings accounts, home loans, credit card management, personal loans and other things as per the statement issued by the bank. The bank has touted this as an essential move, especially in such trying times as the pandemic.

How Customers can Avail the Facilities

1) Customers need to begin by logging into the ‘iMobile Pay’ app and select the ‘Cards and Forex’ section.

2) Then you need to go to the ‘Other Bank Credit Card’ section.

3) Tap on the option that says ‘Add a card’ and enter the details of that respective card as needed.

4) You will then receive an OTP, which you need to register, following which, the card should be added instantly.

5) Once you have registered and linked the card to the app, it can be managed from the section called, ‘Other Bank Credit Card’.



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