IRCTC to hire maids who will switch off the ACs/Fans to wake passengers up at 6:00 AM

To put an end to tiresome quarrels that occur due to oversleeping passengers on the middle and lower berths in a train, the Ministry of Railways on Wednesday issued a circular that said passengers in the reserved coaches can only sleep between 10 pm and 6 am. To wake people up Government is likely to hire maids who will turn off the fans or ACs to mop floors, waking people up early morning every day.

Maids turning off the fans while mopping floors is one of the major reasons of people waking up early in India. Report says it’s the most successful way of getting up early in the morning as there’s no snooze option in it.

Railways have witnessed various fights over the reserved seats and unfortunately many people have lost their lives while fighting for seats. This step will certainly reduce the quarrels over seats but at the same time it takes away people’s freedom of sleep.

Faking News reporter spoke to BJP Spokesman, Sambit Patra. Sambit Patra defended railways decision and said, “We all should welcome Railways new decision that will not only reduces the crime that happens over train berths but also make people do yoga, since they will have not have much do early morning in trains.”

He further added, “If we people wake up early, lines for toilets will also get reduced since the time available for using toilet will increase.”

Congress spokesperson Priyanka Chaturvedi has slammed BJP government and said, “Modi ji running agenda he doesn’t sleep much doesn’t mean people will also not sleep more. Na sounga na sone dunga this is what Modi ji is doing.” She further added “During UPA regime on an average people were sleeping more as compared to current time.”

Whether BJP’s decision will improve the situation or it will worsen the same is yet to be seen but Congress’ claim that people were sleeping more during its government is certainly speaking of unemployment as a problem in its time too.



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