IRCTC train ticket cancellation, refund rules: Indian Railways regular trains cancelled till Aug 12; top facts

IRCTC train tickets cancellation update: Piyush Goyal chaired Railway Ministry has announced that all regular time-tabled passenger trains of Indian Railways have been cancelled till 12 August 2020. These cancelled passenger train services are those for which the IRCTC ticket booking was open up to April 14, 2020. In an important clarification, Indian Railways has assured passengers that the 200 IRCTC special trains and the IRCTC Special Rajdhani-style train services that were started from June 1 and May 12 respectively will remain operational. Wondering what this means for ticket refunds? What are IRCTC refund rules for 2020? Here are the top 5 facts about Indian Railways’ decision to cancel regular passenger trains till 12 August 2020:

1) All the regular passenger train services from 1 July 2020 to 12 August 2020 have been cancelled by the national transporter. Earlier, the regular passenger train services were cancelled up to 30 June 2020. Also, all the train tickets that were booked for travel on passenger trains on or before 30 June 2020 were cancelled by Indian Railways.

In a nutshell, if you booked an IRCTC train ticket on April 14, 2020 for a regular passenger train, the service now stands cancelled. Indian Railways allows for an advance reservation period of 120 days, implying that all regular train services 120 days from April 14, that is till August 12, stand cancelled.

2) IRCTC will grant full refund to those who have booked their train tickets for the regular passenger train journeys scheduled to have commenced between 1 July 2020 to 12 August 2020. Passengers do not have to file for online ticket cancellations. According to IRCTC, once the trains are cancelled at the back end, the online IRCTC e-ticket booking system automatically processes the full refund to passengers.

3) Though regular passenger train services have been cancelled by Indian Railways, the Rajdhani Special trains that started from 12 May 2020, as well as the 200 Special train services that started from 1 June 2020, will continue to run.

4) Recently, Railway Board Chairman VK Yadav had announced that to meet any demand, Indian Railways may introduce more IRCTC Special passenger train services.

5) While Indian Railways has decided to cancel all time-tabled regular train services till August 12, this does not mean that the national transporter will not resume regular services till that time. Any decision in that regard would be taken in due course of time.