Jio to Launch Apartment Security Service Called Jio Gate, Official Apps Listed Online

Reliance Jio is getting ready to jump in the arena of apartment complex security management with the launch of Jio Gate. The gated community security management service seems to be ripe for an official launch as the consumer-facing apps of the venture have quietly popped up on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. With this launch, Reliance Jio will be getting into a market that already has established players like MyGate, Apartment Adda, and SmartGuard.

As per the official App Store and Google Play descriptions for the ‘JioGate’ app, Jio Gate aims to streamline and simplify the various gated community functions like visitor management as well as entry and exit of daily staff, delivery persons, and cabs.

“We are changing the way security management processes are handled to make your premises more safe and secure, leading to crime free and theft-free community environments,” Reliance Jio writes in the app description.

Among the various Jio Gate features, the app will allow its users to use their smartphone as an intercom device. They will be able to allow or deny visitors wherever they are. A Panic Alert feature is also present in the app that will let the users inform their live location for family and security guard in case of any emergencies.

Jio to Launch Apartment Security Service Called Jio Gate, Official Apps Listed OnlineThere is still no word on when Jio Gate will go live or whether it is already in testing at select apartment complexes. We have reached out to Reliance Jio to get more clarity on the matter.

In addition to the official apps, we were able to spot a case study published by Mumbai-based design firm 3 Minds Digital that created a presentation deck for JioGate. The deck was most likely used by Reliance Jio internally to pitch the project.

With the growing number of Indians who live in apartment complexes in various metropolitan cities, it is no surprise that Reliance Jio is seeing a big opportunity in the space.


Source:- gadgets