Know about WhatsApp’s upcoming feature – linked device or multi-device support and how it works

There is some good news for WhatsApp users. The popular messaging platform has been working for some time on a feature called linked device or multi-device support. The feature enables users to access the messaging platform from multiple devices without having the need to keep their smartphones nearby.

With this feature becoming a reality, WhatsApp will not let users delete chats from linked devices. When a user tries to delete or deletes a chat from the linked devices, the messages will not get deleted from other linked devices. Besides that, the messaging platform will not give any option to users to choose if they want to delete the chat from other linked devices.

The image shared by WABetaInfo reveals that when a user decides to delete a chat from one of the linked devices, then WhatsApp will show them a dialog box that will inform users that the chat won’t be deleted from other devices. “Clearing or deleting entire chats will remove messages from this device only. They will not be removed from other devices,” the message in the dialog box reads.

This linked message feature is still under development and will soon be launched.

How linked device chats work?

With this new function, up to 4 devices can be linked to the same WhatsApp account at the same time, and the main device does not need to be connected to the Internet.

The multi-device will include a tool to migrate your chat history between iOS and Android. A user must use the latest update to migrate chat history.

WhatsApp may launch multi-device features for WhatsApp Web only in the first place. Mobile devices can receive this feature later.


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