Let’s go Ouwt!

It took the party app Ouwt to wake me up from my Thursday night reverie and tell me that maybe it’s a good idea if I grabbed a drink with a friend. On Friday, it reminded me that the weekend was here and I should start my merry making.

But poking you to party every night is not all this app does. It takes care of what happens once you decide to go out.

In a romantic mood, want to treat you and your lover to something nice, but don’t want to spend too much? Ouwt combines your mood and budget specifications and finds you a spot. It will also tell you what music will play at the place you pick.

So bye bye, Kenny G, hello Adele. In another interesting feature, it tells you about trending places on a day, and what deal you could snag where.

It catered to my annoying but usual habit of wanting to stuff my face after a night of dancing, with after-hour eateries open past midnight. This is an app after my own stomach. Oops, I mean heart.