Mirzapur controversy: UP Police team finally given permission to proceed with investigation in Mumbai

The team of Uttar Pradesh Police which landed in Mumbai three days ago to question makers of Mirzapur web series over an FIR filed in the Mirzapur district, has been finally given permission by the Mumbai Police to investigate the matter.

UP Police’s team had on Friday claimed that they have been denied necessary permission by the Mumbai Police to proceed with their investigation.

Tired of waiting, the UP cops on Thursday went to Khar police station, took along a constable and decided to visit Farhan Akhtar’s place in Khar West to question him regarding the FIR.

Soon after, Mumbai police reached the spot and asked it’s UP counterparts to leave the office and take due permission before starting their investigation.

On Friday also, the UP Police team was asked to take permission from DCP Crime Branch when they reached Amazon office in BKC Bandra. The team then went to the DCP Crime Branch and took the required permission to proceed with their investigation.

SHO V Chaurasia from Kotwal Dehat, Mirzapur, said, “We had gone to DCP office for permission in the few days as well but DCP was not available and, therefore, we by ourselves went to Farhan Akhtar’s place where Mumbai Police also came. Mumbai Police told we have to take permission first. Even at Amazon office, the same thing happened. But now we have got the permission to investigate.”

“We have filed a case against Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani, Bhoumik and Amazon office bearers. Now that we have got permission, we will verify their addresses and give them notice for recording their statement. Once this is done, we will go back to UP and submit our investigation report to our superiors,” Chaurasia further said.