Mitron app removed from Google Play Store! Uninstall from your phone now

Mitron app was launched a few days back as an alternate to short video sharing platform TikTok. Mitron became a huge asset within a few days with over 5 million downloads. However, in a big surprise, the app has now been removed from Google Play Store. The app has been taken down due to the security issues that were reported earlier. It is no longer available on the Google Play Store.

However, there is no official word from either Mitron developers or Google on the same. The problem is – some of you might have the app already installed on your smartphone. In that case, you need to remove the app from your phone right now.

The app will continue to run for users who had installed it already, despite the issues. Mitron app has been in the news for all the wrong reasons of late. The app owner Shibank Agarwal, a student of IIT Roorkee, bought the source code of the app from a Pakistani coding company Qboxus and rebranded the app as Mitron and launched in India.

Agarwal had reportedly reached out to Qboxus to buy the source code of TicTic but didn’t customise coding or change the privacy policy before officially launching the app in India.

Google’s Spam and Minimum Functionality developer policy, under which the Mitron app was flagged, says, “At a minimum, apps should provide users with a basic degree of functionality and a respectful user experience. Apps that crash, exhibit other behaviour that is not consistent with a functional user experience, or that serve only to spam users or Google Play are not apps that expand the catalog in a meaningful way.”

Source:- zeebiz