Share this clip on WhatsApp for 7 years

To stop child pornography from Whatsapp, the Indian government has proposed a new law.Child pornography is being increasingly shared in the Whatsapp group and this problem is serious. According to the report, the government has made preparations to make some amendments in the Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act.

There is also a provision in this amendment that if an instant messaging app sends the clips of child pornography, he may be sent to seven years of jail and there will be no bell for this.Apart from this, the fine will also be given.

Under the proposed law, it will be necessary for all the users to have a child pornography clip, then they report it to the authority. If the user did not do this, then heavy penalties would be required for this too.

According to a report of TOI, the change in the act is currently awaiting the approval of the law ministry and the Ministry of Women and Child Development. According to the report, both the ministers will go to the cabinet after being approved by the ministry throughout the week.

According to the report, it has been said in this amendment that if anyone shares child pornography in their device for sharing on Whatsapp , especially for commercial use it can be sentenced to 3 years. However, this amendment has not been written about the user’s punishment for receiving child pornography. But reporting them will be mandatory and they have to be deleted.

It is worth mentioning that most of the WhatsApp users are in India and these days Fake News is spreading rapidly. The exercise to stop this is going on, but till now no such result has reached the company and nor the government. Whatsapp has also restored the Whatsapp head for the first time in India.


Source:- aajtak