Sushanth Singh post mortem details are out

Sushanth Singh Rajput‘s suicide has sent shock waves in Bollywood. Everyone is shocked to hear the news as Sushanth is so young and has a bright future. Slowly Bollywood is coming with terms to reality. On the other hand, star kids have been facing tough times in social media as nepotism has stuck Bollywood hard again.

There has been a huge decline in followers for some of the star kids. Many have believed that Sushanth has succumbed to pressure and being ignored in the industry. There are rumors that there could be a mystery behind Sushanth’s suicide.

However now Sushanth’s post mortem report is out and it reveals that there is no foul play in suicide. No external injuries were found. His body showed no marks of struggle and his nails were clean which suggests that it is his wish to end life. Mumbai Police have investigated around 25 people who are close to Sushanth. His workers, managers, co-actors, directors, family members are questioned in this regard.

Source:- tollywood

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