Tech: Top 5 picks at the CEIF 2016

3D printer, 4K cameras and lenses
Carl Zeiss, Tamron and Sigma in lenses and Sony, Canon and Panasonic in cameras — get a first-hand experience of their top of the line and recently launched products at the experience zones created by these companies.

Few worth checking out are the recently-launched 4K video-cum-still cameras: ZH4 from Panasonic and XC10 from Canon. Also, try the Theta S from Ricoh and a full-size 3D printer from Chinese company PrismLab. It comes with its computing hardware with a touchscreen control system to carry out the printing. All you need is 3D images to print.
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Camera equipment
If you are looking for some of the coolest camera accessories, equipment, bags and more, the CEIF expo is the place to be. You can buy camera equipment such as indoor lights, tripods, monopods and handheld camera stabilisers from international brands such as Ronin here.

One that caught our attention was Pinball, which makes durable camera bags at half the price of branded ones and Ronin stabilisers and helicams for GoPros, sold by Ascom Systems.
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Wedding tools and photobooks
Whether you are a wedding photographer or videographer, or mange live events, CEIF presents plenty of options in the latest video and photo editing tools.

The video-editing tools by April Broadcast that allow you to edit videos without spending time on rendering caught our eye. The company has also launched an online website to offer 3D animations and visuals to wedding photographers and videographers. Also worth a look are wedding calendars and photo albums, available in multiple shapes and designs.
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Rollei action cameras
After several changes in ownership, the iconic German brand Rollei (maker of Rolleiflex cameras) is back in the market. They recently unveiled two action cameras — Actioncam 410 and Actioncam 420 in India.

Actioncam 410 supports up to 120fps at 720p and 60ps at 1080p and comes with a 4MP sensor. The 420 on the other hand has a 12MP sensor that can record 4K videos, and supports Wi-Fi. These cameras will be available in India by January 16. However, one can pre-order them at the expo for Rs 19,900 and Rs 29,900 respectively.
Available at: Yo Digitals Pvt Ltd, Lokmanya Tilak Marg, Fort.
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A selfie booth
Selfie booths that allow you to share selfies at weddings as well as print them for as less as Rs 10 an image can be a major attraction at weddings.

Developed by, this booth comes with a touch screen interface and is available for purchase as well as for rent.
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Call: 7299978267 (to rent it)