Want to clone your Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram apps? Here’s how you can do it

While making use of multiple social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, a number of accounts can become useful. Apart from these, users also have multiple play store accounts.

Even as creating multiple accounts may not be a stiff task, managing all of them can be. Working on a computer may be simple as you are only required to log in and sign out, but using a mobile can be tougher. With most apps do not have options of signing out, users only have options either to clean their data or install their apps.

Logging on to play store, one can find numerous app cloners, that may let users to make multiple instances of WhatsApp. Once WhatsApp clone is made, users may log in using another number. Users can find a number of accounts on WhatsApp that have have been listed.

Here are some of the apps that allow users to have used multiple accounts:

Parallel U

This app allows users to create clones of social media apps like WhatsApp on Android phones. Because of its light weight in terms of memory usage, the app in no way can affect performance of devices. Same cannot be said about other such apps.

Parallel Space

It is among the highest rated apps on play store as far as creation of clones of apps is considered. This app, not only helps users to create clones of social media apps but also allows users to log in with different phone numbers.


This app helps social media users to create several versions of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Tinder etc. 2Accounts also helps a user to run a number of Google Play games.


This app is lightweight and easy to use. Apart from this, it also allows users to create clones of the apps that have been installed in another android phone. This also helps to set up a private locker. Multi is among top apps available for cloning other apps.

Super Clone

This app allows users to create clones of WhatsApp and other social media apps just like other apps mentioned above. Apart from this, the app provides options to allow users to customise icons of various apps stored in a particular phone.


Source:- financialexpress