Whatsapp new PiP feature enables user to play YouTube videos within app

WhatsApp has finally launched their YouTube integrated feature for all the iPhone users. The Facebook-owned messaging app has been planning to bring YouTube support to Whatsapp, for a long time now.

Now, iPhone users have the access to the new feature that enables users to view YouTube videos right within a chat. In order to get the new YouTube PiP (Picture-in-Picture) support feature, users need to download the latest version v2.18.11 of WhatsApp for iPhone from the App Store.

With the new YouTube support, iOS users can now tap on a YouTube link to open up a YouTube video in the app itself.

It also comes with play/pause, close, and fullscreen buttons. Earlier, when users clicked on the link, the YouTube video would open in YouTube app installed on smartphones.

Along with this, the users also have an option of increasing and decreasing the size of the video bubble. The bubble can also be moved anywhere on the screen. However, on moving the video window around, it either settled on the top of the screen or at the bottom.

The new update of WhatsApp for iPhone users will come with a new feature, where the YouTube video continues to play even after a user exits the chat. The video continues to play even when a user switches to another chat.

In order to play a YouTube video on WhatsApp, the user can click on the video bubble that appears when we receive a video url.

Interestingly, the YouTube bubble appears only when a user receives a video. So, if a user shares a video with a contact, they themselves cannot watch it within the app.

This special feature, till date is only available for all the ios users. The Android users have to wait for now to enjoy this Pip feature.


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