When will Reliance launch its Jio Fiber and Jio DTH services in India?

Since the launch of Reliance Jio, people are eagerly waiting for its low cost fiber broadband network, Jio Fiber and Jio DTH to launch in India.

Both these services were first announced in September 2016 and then in Reliance’s Annual General Meeting, AGM in March 2017. In the same month, Reliance had also announced Jio Phone, which was successfully launched in India a couple of months back.

Jio Phone received a great response from people and Reliance is now working with WhatsApp to launch the popular messaging platform on Jio Phone. While the phone cost is almost free, it comes with smart features and WhatsApp will be a welcome add on.

What is the update with Jio Fiber?

Recently, Jio acquired RCOM and since RCOM had a well established broadband network, we can expect Jio to modify the existing line and launch its fiber optic network in 2018.

Jio DTH_Jio Fiber_Jio Broadband_Jio

In 2017, we had a lot of reports and tweets showing the working of Jio Fiber in some areas of Mumbai. Jio was indeed testing its network and their website too showed its plan and wifi box.

The website also listed out a plan and some FAQ. The website was taken down by Jio after media reports of Jio Fiber surfaced the internet.

Jio Fiber

An internet plan with 100mbps speed with 100gb/month free data for 3 months will definitely excite everybody and we at Knocksense are eagerly waiting to get our hands on Jio Fiber network.

What is the update with Jio DTH?


Since September, we are trying to get an official version on Jio DTH. Youtube videos and media reports made us excited about a possible Jio DTH launch in Diwali last year. However, since there is still no word around it, we can now further expect Jio to launch both its Fiber and DTH service together.

Similar to Jio’s telecom services, its DTH service will too create a disruption in the market. As per the information known before, the Jio DTH will provide 432 channels via the set top box. Of these, around 350 will be normal SD channels. We can also expect around 50 HD channels, which can also be watched in 4K resolution.


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