Working from home? THESE apps will increase your productivity

The COVID-19 pandemic brought life to a standstill. With various institutions and organisations working remotely, usage of online tools have boomed over the past one year.

The year 2020 saw the usage of various apps which were being used by people working from home to connect with their employees, clients or other people. Here are some work from home apps that can improve your efficiency.

1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the most used apps during Work From Home and even used by schools and colleges to conduct classes. The app provides everything- group video calling, group audio calling, a messaging platform like Slack, file storage, third-party app integration and much more. Teams also lets you share your screen with your other people.

2. Zoom

During the pandemic, Zoom was widely used by people across the world for conducting video meetings. The app was being used for office meeting and small conferences online. On Zoom, a user can conduct all types of video meets including group and one-on-one video calls. Zoom lets you conduct voice calls and share your screen with others.

3. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome remote desktop gives you the power to access your computer from any place in the world, provided you have a stable internet connection. The app also provides a unique collaboration option in which your team members can access files stored on your desktop or laptop from their location.

4. Toggl

Toggle app helps you to increase your productivity by tracking the time you spend on different app on your laptop or computer. This app can also be used by organisations to track the time their employees spend on other apps. Freelancers also make use of this app to monitor their work and the time they spend online.

5. Google drive

Google drive has always been a helpful app but its usage in terms of data storage has been helpful to many while working from home. It is a one-stop app where you can save and manage all your files, data and documents. Google drive also lets you share the files stored on it with your team members along with an option of real-time collaboration.

6. 1password

If you’re someone who has problems in remembering different password for different websites and apps, then 1password is your go-to app. 1password lets you store all your passwords within the app so that you can easily log in to websites, apps, credit cards, bank account information, passports, etc.