You can soon use same WhatsApp account on two different smartphones; here is how

WhatsApp users for long have been demanding multi-device support feature and it’s no secret that the instant messaging platform has been working on it for a while now. But, it seems like we are closer than ever to get this feature. With the update, WhatsApp users will be able to run the same WhatsApp account on two different smartphones.

According to WhatsApp tracker WABetaInfo, the multi-device support could be called “linked devices” feature and users might require a code to log in to multiple devices. In a recent tweet, it said that in order to login onto multiple devices, a user would require to enter his mobile number and a code that it will receive as an SMS.

“The phone number + a SMS code will allow to use WhatsApp on another phone. So it’s the same procedure.WhatsApp might also plan to receive the code from a “WhatsApp chat”.iPad will be obviously supported,” the features tracker said in its reply to a Twitter user who wanted to know how the feature will work once implemented.

The tracker also shared a screenshot which revealed that the linked devices option can be accessed in the settings menu. Tapping on the “Linked Devices” option will allow users to check for the devices that are linked to their account and for how long. The user will get an option to remove the device from the account and also link a new device if need be.

“WhatsApp is testing this possibility with 4 devices and the feature is still under development. In the meantime, WhatsApp is working to create a UI to manage all Linked devices, “ the report by Wabetainfo read.

Whenever the feature is rolled out, it will allow you to run the same account on your smartphones as well as tablets. Or, in the case of Apple users, you will be able to use WhatsApp on iPad, MacBook, and Apple iPhone at the same time without having to create separate accounts for all the devices.